Basic commands of the german shepherd

Before heading straight into crazy tricks and what-not, you need to train your dog with some basic commands that, not only are fun (and useful) enough, but also essential for both the well-being, good behavior and further training of your companion.

The following 5 commands are absolutely essential for the more advanced commands, in reality, most advanced commands are actually a chain of basic commands ordered in a particular fashion!


Come on buddy, I know you’re there! It’s time to train.

The commands in question are the following:

  1. Sit
  2. Lay
  3. Come
  4. Stay
  5. Leave

1. Sit command

This is the classic command, no dog-owner can say his furry friend is trained without having him do a mere “sit” first.

This command is also essential for the more advanced orders, and at first, teaching this trick to your friend shouldn’t be hard at all! Although, if this is your first time training your dog, it will definitely take a bit of time.

The steps to train your doggy are the following:

  • Remember when I told you that you’d need a lot of treats for the training? Well, it is time to use them! Start by bringing a treat in your hand. Hold it close your dog to get his attention.
  • Once the dog has sitting firmly on the ground, firmly say “sit” and then give it the treat, proceed to praise him for being the best dog around!
  • Once he sits, congratulations! You’re well on your way to training him to sit. Firmly say “sit” when he is sitting, and proceed to give him the treat and some praise, this part is important because your dog will associate having a treat and praise with the act of “sitting”.

These three steps are pretty basic and straightforward, be sure to repeat them several times per day( about 3 per day would be alright, don’t overdo the training because it’s not really going to take you anywhere) until the command is locked in.

After a week or two, you should notice that your dog will follow your order without a treat.

It is important to slowly take off the treats as well, during the training, after some effective days of sitting for treats, you should cut the treats, in order to have him follow you without them.

Besides being a supportive command for the advanced sequences, the “sit” command is super important, you can calm your canine when you’re eating dinner or having some guests over, or maybe you’re going to handle something dangerous like boiling water and you’d prefer if your dog stayed put in a corner.

The following commands will be found in the next articles.