Learn how to train your German Shepherd at home

House Training

You probably get the idea behind house-training just by the name, but for the sake of clarifying, here I go: House training can be defined as the training that instills the basic household rules to your furry companion. Especially the ones regarding excretions.

“Mind giving me some privacy?”

One thing to have in mind with your pets (especially your beloved German Shepherd) is that you must prepare him for the situations in which no one will be in the house. As such, we will get started with his personal area.

Setting Up His Personal Area

Allocate an area for your companion, initially, you might want to confine him there, as to create the habit on your puppy, but don ’t just trap him in a corner, you have to make this area his happy place, put his toys, food, water, and blanket there.

This way, whenever he gets a little down he will return to his hideout to take a nap.

German shepherd corner

Don ’t forget to add his potty area if you’ll have it inside the house!

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