Learn how to train your German Shepherd at home

Prepare It For When You ’re Not Home

Be sure to leave him with enough food and water (and his toys!) before leaving, if you gave him a comfy little area to stay, he will faithfully wait for your return there.

Potty Training

Perhaps the most important type of training, whether you choose to have it inside or outside the house, the steps remain the same, structure a schedule for your doggy, and follow it, generally speaking, you should take your dog to excrete at least twice per day, but 3 to 4 times per day would be ideal.

Just remember to be understanding if he does it inside the house, outside the allocated area, remember that your pet is only doing what it biologically needs to, and it doesn’t understand this whole thing of potty train out of the box; scold it with a firm “no” while looking at him directly in the eyes, and whenever he successfully does it in the correct place, reward it! If you decided to go with the outside route, be sure to instill obedience when you take your dog out, if your objective is to have an obedient dog that you can take out without a leash, then you must make him follow you with commands. Check the next chapter for more information on this.

As a side note, try to avoid mistakes as much as possible, remember that, just like you have to go to the bathroom, and sometimes you feel you can’t hold it any longer, your puppy feels the same, so save him the mistakes by following the schedule, that he will understand how and when to solve his needs without your input. This pretty much covers house training for your puppy, with this information at hand and a few weeks of dedication, your rugs will feel way safer when your German Shepherd is around.

Let’s explore the fun part of training your dog, and that is… commands!

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